Frida Hyvönen is an incisive, piano-based Swedish songwriter with a passionate bite and a voice like an icicle that cuts deep. She’s known as an enchanting stage performer and comedienne, a stormy piano player and brilliant lyricist.

Her debut record Until Death Comes has a raw, first-person intimacy not dissimilar to Joni Mitchell’s ”Blue” or Carole King’s ”Tapestry,” but with an extra edge of toughness.

Frida’s second album, ”Silence Is Wild” was a lush and full-bodied counterpart to the piano based minimalism of Until Death Comes. With lavish arrangements of strings, synths, backing vocals and drums, Frida’s songs soared to new heights.

I like to work with musicians who are open, dedicated, lyrical, and who have their own musicality. They need to be able to sing with female voices at the same time as they play their instruments.
- Frida Hyvönen

Frida Hyvönen’s third album “To The Soul” was written partly in the singer’s Paris home and partly in her Västerbotten house. “To The Soul” sees Hyvönen continuing the exploration of the condition of various things. A grandmother’s passing, someone else’s holiday pictures posted on the internet, a moon pulling away the ocean and revealing a sea creature’s slow wandering over a stone. A dancehall where no one dances anymore, hands that move like batons between generations, and something as commonly humdrum as picking apples.

Her fourth album “Kvinnor och barn” she wrote in Swedish. The album was praised by critics and earned her two Swedish Grammys for “Best lyricist” and “Composer of the year”. 


Frida Hyvönens will drop her fifth studio album “Dream of Independence” in the beginning of 2021.